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LAXWear apparel is all about choice. Your choice. Choose the garment and its color, the logo and its color. The result is a garment that uniquely celebrates lacrosse, in your favorite colors, or the colors of your favorite team. So, whether you play Lacrosse or played Lacrosse, or simply enjoy watching America’s oldest sport, show your connection and love for Lacrosse by wearing LAXWear.


White Polo by LAXWear

100% Ethical Production

LAXWear, LLC uses various ethical suppliers of merchandise to supply our customers with quality products.

Secure Checkout

LAXWear understands the importance of privacy and vows to keep all of your collected information needed to process a transaction protected.

Easy Care Garments

Each of our LAXWear garments features specific care instructions to ensure that the quality of your items are long-lasting.

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