Men's Drifter Sandals

Men's Drifter Sandals

These drifter sandals are handmade for Laxwear by Eliza B (Leather Man, Ltd.) in Essex,  CT. The sandals are custom made using a last, for longer wear, and a better, more comfortable fit.

The sandals tend to run a little small, so we recommend that you order your sandals one size larger than you normally wear.

The embroidered Laxguy  will be approximately 1 inch in height and in the color you choose.

Sandals are custom made and embroidered, please allow 4 weeks for delivery.
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 Sandal features include:
  • Polyester Toe Strap and Ribbon
  • Sandal soles made from an EVA Rubber mix
  • The embroidery uses polyester thread 

Sandal Size (Sizes Run Small Order One Size Larger Than You Normally Wear)
Sandal Sole Color
Sandal Toe Strap Color
Ribbon Color for Your Sandal
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